bussiness & Marketing as an affiliate

For myself it all started with the willing of sharing very usefull information and facts wich i discovered after a study of 5 years i did on the internet.  These studies where about history and religion and about the meaning of life. Doing this i also found out a lot about the last 100 years, and the things occuring now (like coronavirus) and those affecting our life today.  You will all say what a shitty subjects, but there i am very religious i found it very interesting.

But what i found out about these subjecs blow me over.

So with many people dying i wanted to finally share these things to the public.  I was searching on the internet for finding some funds or sponsors and toke google as partner. they assisted me and learned me to programm and develope a little bit.  because when the time was there i wanted to publish my documents on wordpress they hacked my accounts and mobile phone like 10 times in 3 months. they even sended mails with my accounts and toke 8000€ (one day earning from publishing) from my paypal account and they still are in possesion of this emailaccount).

So i rethinked my possibilities and  began to make websites because i had made myself some organisations with developing.  But everything costs money so i began looking for a way to  earn some money so i could create these websites. Yes ifound some good ways to earn good money.

Well I was trying to earn some money online learning about affiliate marketing about different products, different pages and different people and on different ways.

Now i want to share these things with you.

First there are many different ways to earn money online but i share those i find the best so far i know, i will keep examine these different opportunities for me and for sharing them with you.


Voorbeeld HTML https://www.classifiedsubmissions.com/a/aff/go/timmyvdberg?i=4
Need Leads HTML

But also i am in the beginfase of this i am still not a rich man.

But i got huge ideas and i am working towards it.

Here i will post some usefull links of products to get you started

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And something for in Between

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while without healthy lifestyle no healthy income


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These are all super products to start earning your side income

Here are some links when you want more visitors on your page

More visitors are more possible buyers

finally i will give you some links where you find a video to quickly earn some money by following the steps that are explained in the video.

This is my last link i give to you