Family Reunion

Our 10 children

Jordy, Ashley, Jeremy en Joey   -   Remi, Elisa, Yelle, Matthew, Dilano, Louis

Timmy                                                         Jessica 

So hello I am Timmy van den Berg, father of ten beautifull children. Four of them were born in my first marriage.  The other six i got as a huge gift together with the girl i love above all else.  Both of us came out of a difficult marriage, Jessy was the one who caught me after my marriage was over. directly after the seperation from Germany i went to her place just as a date but i felt so good with her i keep on going everyday. She was a proud, beautifull, strong and dedicated young wife. I felt like i was fallen in heaven.I become so happy just from writing this all down. :-)


Something like 6 weeks ithink later Jessy made the decision to move towards me so i dont have to drive that distand everyday. And i was so happily overcrushed that i direckly asked her to move in with her.  That was a stupid move although we both had spoken about it with the children.  Beautifull, the children how they mingled from the first moment. Like as if they also felt what Jessy and i felt. This is what we have been waiting for after both were obliged to struggle for years. But also 

the children had a rough live before. i had to leave Jeremy, Joey and Ashley with their mother in Germany. noot Ashley she already lived in a phosterfamily because she was living the three years before the divorce in the hospital, that was her home. She was born very ill and lied in coma for the first three months, It was a very hard time but i always believed in the strength of my baby and she recovered very very good when you remind yourself from where she came. Magnificent MY JUWELL.   Oh i miss her so much.

But okay the two youngest boys stayed with my exwife in Germany. Jordy the oldest moved back with me to Belgium.  We were a nice big happy family. we had so mmuch joy and expecially much LOVE.  It was so good that we lostthe grip, so it came that Jessy,s children who already from beginning were targeted by childcare due to the actions of the exhusband, that the children were taken by childcare.  Jessy was broken like never before although she had a really rough and tough life behind her. But now she was broken.

I took all my strength together (and believe and faith) witch i had to thank at Jessy. To support her during this time. It was hard for here but she managed to get back up and started to believe again in the possibilities we had.  But weeks went by and became months witch became years and everytime something bad happened or something came up.

The suffering began, Now she is so much stronger, but hurt, and sad but she can manage.

I am so proud at her.



YES I MEAN YOU, baby. Mijn Piepkuikentje.


This is expecially for you baby

But i had all this time my attention for Jessy to care for her, but now the time has come. That i stand up and reclaim my right as a father and the rights of the mother too.

Its easy for childcare to blaim a abused unsecure mother for the things that happened. But it were they who didnt act when the abuse of her and the children happened and they knew what was going on.

And when the danger is gone they take the children away from the mother whoo was the only one who defended the children all these years from that terrible man.

Okay sorry baby, when I wrote to much.

But now the website visitors know who we are and our story a bit.


Greetings Timmy

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