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About me

My name is Timmy van den Berg, 39 years old and i am living together with my girlfriend in Belgium. Together we got 10 children, she 6 and i have 4 children they were all born in our former relationships. Unfortunately they arent living with us, they live in child- and pfostercare.  That is the main reason i started to study online, searching for the reason and purpose of our life here on earth. So when i cant have my children with me at least i will be able in telling them the meaning of life to get them ready for their future. And this will take a little more time but i sincerally believe this time will come. But first i am trying to give us a bit more stable financial status, so it will be also a little easier in reclaiming our rights as parents.

I have made this website and a few others but i originally only wanted to publish my documents that i collected and wrote the past four years while studying for the meaning of life and the truth about it. There i started to believe in god and jesus first and after going deeper within the given information i found a whole other story witch i have taken as truth from then on. so now i live by the truth of hebrew YaHUaHand so did my girlfriend.

I have found out about the whole history we learned in schools and churches were nothing but lies, infact christianity and followers of god and jesus are all unknowingly worshipping ancient deities. Whole traditions we celebrated are nothing different then demonic holydays, jesus, god and mary is nothing more than a bad copy of the ancient babylonian Trinity Nimrod, Semiris and Tammuz.  But not only this i also found out the most of the wellknown conspiricies are true. Coronavirus is just a subject of the VN agenda 21 Depopulation. So is H.A.A.R.P., chemtrails, geo enginiring, and is population control, pharmacy, GMO seeds, blocking of the sun and vaccinations all part of it.  But this idea was aborted because i got hacked 10 times in the time of 3 months.  So i rethinked and came out by the idea to develope and program all myself and when i have everything i need i will publish whats left of my documents and all that is stored in my head..  But when you are interested for this: i created the website expeccially for this. So  you are very welcome to take a look around there.


Timmy van den Berg

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