Bill Gates en coronavirus

Published on 20 August 2020 at 12:03

It is still the same. He preaches and preaches all about the coronavirus. And that he finances several institues who are all
busy with the research for a possible cure. The politics play the game along and act as their noses bleed.
Is there not enough evidence found and written about the REAL truth. I can tell you with certainty i surely did but most people hear the news and get in panic.
Yes i am in panic too, cause everybody has their eyes closed for that what really is going on.
Conspiracies everybody say.

Well my facebook account has been taken and deleted, i got hacked by the greatest internet firm and that 10 times in three months, that certainly was not because i told some fiction stories.
NWO and the agenda21 en agenda are REAL when you want it or not. All these things happening in the world are planned several years before it happens.
1989 in Rio de Janeiro, a meeting of 172 countries around the world to sign the pact to DEPOPULIZE the world. The reason??? Well they paid several scientist for false research about the climate change. And they told the lies about heating and about co2 poisening.
I would believe it, if.... No i wouldnt. I know about
H. A. A. R. P and chemtrails and geoenginieering and i also now about the earth being flat just like it is written in the thora or the bible.
And that Bill Gates who well known as speaker of the world health foundation and he is working out those evil plans of UN. Even his father was doing it before him. Planned parenthood, pharmacy, woman rights (nothing against women, but they had a reason for this, to destabilize the families, women work, children no time with parents and the system has more input on them and so on)
Or what you think of hollywood dolls, pedo island, human trafficing, and the royalty and philanties gates, rockefeller,....
But the dont rule the world you know!
It is all hidden but not to hard when you find you know but how can we stop this??

Want to know more.. is my main website and is were i post this and more

#Bill Gates

Bill Gates thinks coronavirus could end in many countries next year

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