Are we Brainwashed or do we feed our own mind?

Published on 20 August 2020 at 12:02

A few days earlier i have heard a message from a video where the person who made the video was telling about the world we live in, that in todays time there are less wars, less dead, people live longer and there are more possibilities. Although the news always is showing these horrible videos and articles.  But that is exactly what i mean.  People who dont give attention to the media (radio, television) but rather read books and educate their minds with positive lecture, are always healthier, happier and live with much less worries as those who are at point to see the news everyday.

This is happening now everywhere on our earth with the corona pandemic.  Some are totally full of fear dont know how to move and others dont give it much attention though it is hard to do so.  Ofcourse there is this pandemic and many people are dying.  But my opinion still is that the global elite planned this all maybe 50years ago. In fact i did some research 5 years on the internet, it was not directly for knowing this but with the corona outbreak i started to get deeper into this.  I was already warning the people who were in my facebook group about all these things that were about to happen. Nobody believed it, having total confidence in their guvernment and president.

These presidents are just a puppet at the sight of the show they are playing and most of them  are member of the same secret societies were they just lie in our faces and dont give a shit what will happen to us.

The royal families are all bloodlinefamily of each other, Is it the royalty of the Netherlands, royalty of UK, royalty of Romania or Danmark all the same family. Just like the president of USA are all bloodline of each other Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Trump all the same.

But you all know that the president of the US is not the one making the decisions, first i was convinced he is ruled by the shadow gouvernment (Rothschilds,  Rockefeller, Kissinger and the multinationals.  But less is true these have certainly a big piece of US and have a voice but they are all ruled by another deeper hidden shadowgouvernment. In fact the pope has much more to say than they all. The queen of UK is also in sight a famous ruler but in fact her son has more influence as she but that is because they are secretly linked in bloodline to the real rulers who make all decisions about all that happen and has happened on our earth.

The last thing i will tell you, that good old Hitler, he knew what was going on and was fighting against it but the war get always financed from one side to both sides, it was planned he had to loose, but did he die there where they tell us.  I saw a huge resimblience with Angela Merkel. i dont say they look alike but the face line were identic. you get the picture?

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